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The Expanse blockchain, a standard for security and stability, introduced the EXPEX prototype last year, anticipating that regulations would soon clarify a distinction between a money transmitter in a centralized environment and an independent host software that simply exists to provide tools and infrastructure. EXPEX resides within the Expanse Luna Wallet and charges nothing to use. No fees. Everybody wins.

Feedback from our Beta-Testers:

Here is Feedback from the beta version tested in December:


“Embedding EXPEX in the Luna wallet is an elegant approach and easy access for trading. Its appeal will be off the charts.”

“This is genius. Tokenlab mints the coins, but don’t stop there. List your newly-minted coin on EXPEX, usually a project’s biggest challenge.”

This Team Is On Fire!

When? What? Where?

The nuts and bolts are in place and tested. The team is blazing through tasks like solidifying the branding, signing up listings and registering users. (Did I mention there is no KYC requirement?!) Check back often for updates and join our Discord for the latest news.

We are ready! After a few months of work the team has completed the integration. In addition to some graphic modifications to Luna Wallet, download the latest version already with EXPEX included and other amazing futures.

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Download The Luna Wallet with EXPEX

Luna Wallet Changes

We have made some major design and development modification to Luna Wallet to integrate the exchange. It has the same functionality that you know and the EXPEX funciontality integrated, also we integrated Tokenlab and Smart Contract into this amazing Luna Wallet V 2.0.03





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There is a new EXPEX channel for our Discord community where you can ask questions and read comments from our community members.

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