EXPEX is What’s Next

EXPEX is the new decentralized exchange powered by Expanse. The underlying token for EXPEX is PEX. Watch for the exchange to launch in 2019.

To All LAB and EXP Token Holders:

A PEX airdrop took place on 8/31/18. PEX tokens were distributed to all EXP and LAB holders.
The PEX airdrop contract address is 0x0cc6177ea69b0f1c2415043ac81ccd8f77d0c1a9

Use this address to check for your airdrop tokens.

Powered by Expanse

Join Our Discord Channel for More Information

There is a new PEX channel for our Discord community where you can ask questions and read comments from our community members.

Where to Purchase Expanse and Tokenlab Tokens

EXP and/or LAB are listed on the following exchanges: